Maple Sunscreening

Solar shading fins fitted vertically to mullion with feature facia.


About the project

The lateral strength of the adaptors allows vertical attachment of the fin to the mullion.

The added benefit of using the i-SOL8 design, besides the more visually attractive method of installing for the architect (no horizontal support members required), is the point thermal heat transfer (Chi) value of 0.04W/K per assembled bracket.

Ordinarily, if the bracket is thermally simulated for the Chi value on a contract, no account of the fin attachment is usually taken. Wintech has investigated this and has written an article about this subject finding that the results of a standard aluminium to aluminium bracket can be up to 30% worse when this is included. That is 30% worse on a design that is already providing an interstitial condensation risk, which if correctly calculated could cause the facia to fail the required legislative U value for the building....

For this particular project the finish to the shading is very dark and will be subject to very much higher temperatures in the summer. If you have a black car you will no doubt have personal experience with this issue.

The i-SOL8 adaptor bracket when being developed was investigated with this regards - the design was found to be so effective it made little noticeable difference to the Chi value, the thermal break providing such an effective bottleneck preventing further heat transfer.

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